What Exactly Does an Auto Service Advisor Do?

An auto service advisor is someone that acts as a liaison between the client and the mechanic within the dealership. When a customer brings their vehicle in servicing, the advisor will take note of all their customer’s concerns regarding their vehicle and then relay all this to their mechanic. The mechanic will then assess the vehicle and offer their recommendations on the service.

auto_repair_serviceThe adviser will then, in turn, inform their customer of what the mechanic said and ask them if they wish to go ahead with the repairs. However, if their customer is not in a position to have all the repairs done at once, the advisor will then prioritize any crucial repairs and help their customer find the best place to start for the repairs.

One of the main sources of revenue for car dealerships is their auto service department. The dealership usually employs a service advisor to help each customer who needs the service department. They will generally highlight all the worst-case scenarios on each repair, which their mechanic suggested but the customer refused. By using these sales tactics, like informing a customer on how failing to do a specific repair could change their warranty, a customer may rethink their decision and authorize the mechanic to get the repair done.

In addition to dealing with customers, the service advisor will make numerous telephone calls and send out emails to customers whose vehicles are getting close to their scheduled service time. Sometimes, customers will be asked to make an appointment well in advance, to avoid any unwanted waiting time. All of this attention will target 2 objectives, these are to make their customer feel important and make the dealership more money. The advisor is sometimes authorized to give out coupons, for free oil changes or tire rotations to customers to win their loyalty.

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