Learn How to Avoid a Rather Expensive Tire Service

A recent study has shown that only 20 percent of drivers check their tire pressure regularly. More than 85 % of motorists don’t even know how to properly inflate their tires. However, a simple task such as checking the pressure of your tires regularly can help you save hundreds of dollars on your car maintenance. There is a lot to be learned about tire maintenance, so if you want to avoid a rather costly tire service, take your time to read this article.

  • 488327773Check tire pressure. You must check your tire pressure at least every month. As a rule of thumb, you should inflate your tires at a pressure of about 30 psi. However, we recommend you check your owner’s manual first. The recommended tire pressure may vary from one car manufacturer to another. Also, keep in mind that the pressure indicated on your tires represents the absolute maximum psi a tire can hold. This means that your pressure should be always lower than this value.
  • Rotate your tires. You should rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Every tire wears differently. For instance, the front tires on a front-wheel-drive vehicle wear at almost twice the rate of the rear wheels. Additionally, it appears that the left tire wears faster than the right tire (in left-hand-drive countries). So, in order to achieve more uniform wear, consider rotating your tires regularly.
  • Examine the treads. Manufacturers recommend a minimum tread depth of 2/32 inch. In order to check your tire’s tread depth, consider inserting a quarter inside the tread, with Washington’s head facing down. If the head is not completely obscured, then you need to replace your tires. Consult a tire service provider before you make any decisions.
  • Align your wheels. Improperly aligned wheels can create uneven wear.

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