There used to be a time when people tuned their cars on a regular basis, and their cars ran great for a long period of time. Nowadays, it seems that people don’t take this as serious as they used to, and tune up their cars more and more rarely. Unfortunately, this is wrong, and we will explain why in the next few lines.

In order to understand why it’s so important to tune up your vehicle, you first have to understand the concept of tuning. Every car engine component suffers from wear and tear over the years of operation, no matter whether the car is brand new or twenty years old. This means that the parameters by which your car is running now will not be the same after two years.

professional tune ups for your carNewer cars use advanced computers whose functions are to keep the engine running as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. Although these computers are well intended, the fact that they keep the engine running for as long as possible may actually camouflage a worn out engine component. By the time your car shows any signs of a problem, it may be too late.

Here are some signs your car may need tune ups:

Hard starting. If the starter cranks the engine but it takes a bit longer than usual to get it started, then you may have a problem with the ignition system. Have the problem inspected by a professional.
Knocking. You may hear this sound when the engine is under load. Although this may sometimes occur due to the use of inferior gas, it can also signal a problem with the ignition system.
Power loss. This can be caused by clogged fuel filters, so have the car inspected by a professional mechanic.
Poor gas mileage. If your car consumes more gas than it used to, it means that the engine is loosing its efficiency.
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