1. What is preventive auto repair? – The key to having a properly working vehicle is to provide frequent maintenance services. This will prevent you from spending money on unneeded repairs. A lot of drivers put off their vehicle’s maintenance and are forced to pay for otherwise needless services.
  2. How can I keep track of my maintenance? – Keeping a maintenance schedule is very effective and will help you keep track of all services like a brake repair, oil change, tire service, and everything else you do to your car through time. Doing this will prolong the life of your car, and if you like, DeVoss Auto Service LLC can keep track of your maintenance services.
  3. Does it matter what engine and brake shop carries my repairs? – Yes, it most certainly does. A licensed professional is who you should take your vehicle to. As a well known company in Richmond, VA, we can make sure that your vehicle is serviced by dependable experts with the help of state of the art equipment.
  4. My engine does not start. What is going on? – This most likely means that the engine is not receiving enough spark, fuel, compression, timing, or there is a problem with the computer. Such circumstances require the services of a professional who understands how the vehicle works. They will be able to provide you with an accurate evaluation and will pinpoint the problem.
  5. How often should my spark plugs be replaced? – Manufacturers give a life expectancy of about 100k miles, but we believe that 50-75k is a better time frame. Often times we have to change engine coils because of worn out spark electrodes. There are other issues that may be a result to spark plug malfunction.
  6. What causes my brakes to pulsate? – This can be caused by one of two things, the first of which is normal, and the second should be a cause of concern. If you are driving on a slippery road and you hit the brakes, your ABS may cause your brake pedal to pulsate. If you are on a dry road however, and your pedal has an up-and-down movement, this can be caused by a warped rotor, and you will need a brake repair.
  7. What does the “computer” icon on the dashboard mean? – If your check engine light comes on, this means that the computer has found a fuel, emission control circuit, or ignition problem. You must take your car to an engine and brake shop for a diagnosis as soon as possible. There you will be able to receive the needed inspection, as well as an auto repair service that will fix the issue.
  8. What parts, and how often should they be replaced? – You can find answers to this question in your owner’s manual which provides the necessary information about what and when should be replaced. The warranties are there to protect the drivers, but there are requirements that need to be followed. If you have questions of any kind, call DeVoss Auto Service LLC.
  9. When should I get a wheel alignment service? You should do this every time you change your tires. If you do not get a wheel alignment service, your vehicle will not be stable on the road, and you may get into an accident. Come to us for the most professional services in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas. We can also provide you with a tire service that will not disappoint you.

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