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Oil checkup is a common car repair service. However, do you know which type of motor oil you should use? Below, we will discuss three different kinds.

  • 173355213Mineral. This is made from refined crude oil. It is the least costly of all options and is suitable for most everyday vehicles.
  • Synthetic blend. These are produced in a laboratory and created for older as well as “high performance” engines. They are a costlier and will ensure longer life and lubrication. They contain some mineral oil.
  • Fully synthetic. These have no mineral oils. They are most often used in industrial applications as they have very high longevity. They are usually the most expensive available oils.

The different types of vehicles require different types of oils. A brand new Toyota Corolla may not need fully synthetic oil, but it could be beneficial for an older Chevrolet Corvette. Unless you don’t really need them, avoid synthetic oils as they are expensive.

Many companies that produce fully synthetic and synthetic blend oils advertise fuel economy or gains in horsepower. There isn’t much truth in this advertising. Although synthetic oils do improve efficiency to a certain extent, a driver may not be able to notice the difference.

Before you choose your oil, you should consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle. When you are purchasing the oil, be sure to check for the API seals in order to know whether it is high quality.

For more information on how to provide proper care for your car, consult a professional. In Richmond, VA, one company to consider is DeVoss Auto Service LLC. Besides tips and advice, we will, of course, offer the car repair service your vehicle needs. Whenever you need somebody to help you solve your auto issues, you can reach us at (804) 278-8990.

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