How to Determine If It’s Time to Bring Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop

The brake system is the most important safety feature on your car. This means that you have to keep this system in the best working condition. However, there are some things that you simply can’t do before their time comes. Replacing brake pads is one of them. Although manufacturers say that you have to replace your pads every 7,000 miles, many pads get depleted long before that. So, here are some signs that you may need to book a brake maintenance service.

  • 124202360Squeaking sound. If a high-pitched sound is coming from your vehicle every time you hit the brakes, then it may be time to replace your pads.
  • Vibrations in the wheel. Although this not a problem that occurs only when your pads are depleted, you should definitely schedule your vehicle for a brake maintenance service.
  • The brake pedal is not as high as usual. If you have to push your brake pedal all the way to the floor for the car to stop, then you may need to bring your car to an auto repair shop.

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