Auto Repair Service Myths Busted

Changing your air filter to obtain higher fuel mileage

Auto repair shop myth, a dirty air filter does not in any way affect the fuel mileage, and replacing one does not in any way increase fuel mileage. Air filters, however, do get dirty and must be replaced when they are. Restricting air flow is very similar to releasing ones throttle in a vehicle as less air goes into the engine, which means less fuel is added. Performance could decrease, but the mileage will never be touched.

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Small cracks in the serpentine belt spells a bad belt

Myth, small cracks in a serpentine belt are quite common and that does not mean that your belt should be replaced. Most high quality belts are replaced using after market ones, which are never as good as the original one. Fraying, exposing the cords, deep fissures, missing pieces and wear of the teeth, do spell a bad belt. Ironically, some EPDM belts show no cracks, yet they can be can be worn out and may need to be replaced. A special gauge which is designed for this purpose is one of the best ways to check if a serpentine belt needs replacing.

Fuel injectors must be cleaned regularly

Myth, the injectors are in fact self cleaning and very rarely need care, unless contamination has got into the system. Dirty injectors normally show in rough idles. Routine injector cleaning does not and never will increase mileage, extend the life of an engine, and could even damage the fuel system. One of the best ways to avoid such problems is by using fuel that is of high quality.

Rotate and balance tires

Rotating tires is maintenance and will help to even out your tire’s wear and tear. Wheels are only balanced when tires are first installed, and a proper balance will last the lifespan of your tire. Rotating tires never affects the balance. If a tire is removed or if a balance weight is removed, then the wheel balance will be called for. The signs of incorrect wheel balance is shaking of the steering wheel while driving at 30 mph or more.

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